Anné Gangel Designs Healing Properties Disclaimer

Anné Gangel Designs jewelry pieces are created to bring positive energy to the user and protect against negativity. While all products are designed to enhance the user’s own energy, Anné Gangel Designs does not guarantee specific results for any user. Owner/creator Anné Gangel is not a medical doctor, and her products should not be used in any capacity to replace medical treatment, and instead used only as supplements. Medical advice should be sought for by a licensed healthcare specialist. Therefore, Anné Gangel Designs does not accept liability or responsibility for the effectiveness of the products sold. Whenever you purchase a piece from Anné Gangel Designs, you agree to completely release Anné Gangel Designs from any damage or liability.

All crystal healing properties described on this website have been developed in reference to the information provided from The Encyclopedia of Crystals by Judy Hall.